Thursday, August 21, 2014

Caught up.

I keep almost writing, but then not.  The normal time warp in which I tend to reside may have developed a slight malfunction. I'm not sure which direction it wishes to go. I hope that when it fixes itself, a new edition, complete with teleportation device, will emerge...

Was coming down with a minor throat thing last weekend but somehow muddled through my first 20 mile run in a year. I hadn't realized that it would be as such until after. (Yes, Vermont was 30 miles but that was a walk for at least half the time so I sort of don't count it!) It's good to do a little proper distance again. Best part? Encountering Scout, who was also doing a lot of miles, at the end so that we could do the last chunk together. 

Last chunk included Lunchbreak, Northern Loop, and a close call that almost brought us to Knight's Woods...but then I couldn't resist one last trip to the Summit instead.  Scout's edges were all covered in blood and her body was reprimanding her for a very recent extragravitational experience. Much of the footing here is in poor shape after last week's storm. Nevertheless, being Scout, she didn't pause for a second at the idea of ditching Knight's Woods for the Summit. Up the Ski Trail we went once more.

The new edition of hand split is a miserable little bitch! The position it demands is far less functional than that of the previous weeks.  I am supposed to keep the thing on for the same amount of time, but the transition out of it each time takes longer to navigate. Lots of stiffness and tiny yet Beastly muscle spasms and such! I now see why people abandon therapy and just live with bent fingers. I'd have never guessed that this would become a major endurance event. Progress is too slow for anyone's taste but the good news is: bass playing is indeed beginning to come along!!  (Which is good because my band is doing a full-on concert in like two weeks, holy shit..!)

Anyway. Took a few days to try and sleep off the sick rather than run through it and I think it worked. Ended up doing a solid nine miles today. Probably will scurry through something shorter tomorrow and then I think I would like to run for Very Long at Brad on Saturday.  

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