Friday, May 16, 2014


In hindsight, the end of school was sort of like a Hollywood-esque firey wreck.

I fell asleep with and awoke with textbooks for weeks, and if I ever couldn't sleep, but my eyes were too tired to focus on the page, I'd listen to video lectures. Although I cringed at using so many pages of paper, I would print out the slides from lectures and then copy them in my own words, and sometimes in my own language. These, I would keep with me always and recite out loud to myself while driving. With hand gestures because motion and memory supposed maybe intertwingled. I also drew my way through as much of the material as possible, and, of course, I also made countless flashcards for use while driving.  (Sorry, Mom.) I used them on every hour-plus trip between home and school. I actually stashed kleenex in my pocket before my chem final because I thought there was a good chance I might just sort of fall apart during it....

Anyway, a week has passed, and things are different now...!  

The foot can still be fussy so I am just taking it moment by moment.  If it feels decent, I run, if it doesn't, I kayak and/or bike. I think it likes being in charge, and I am happy with the variety. I am also extremely stoked that my rickety old spine has agreed that getting Bliss onto and off of DDR is acceptable practice. Any day when this can happen is a very good day indeed.

I awoke early-ish this morning to run. I certainly love morning runs but I don't usually do them during the week. I was on the trail around 7am and hit as many hills as I could for about an hour. I used the runkeeper app as my gps and was pleasantly surprised that, with a couple of tweaks to the settings, it wasn't too bad.  I did about 4.75miles and it was fine, just for the record, but I think it does drain the phone battery heavily. Anyway, glad I tried it. Technology is truly at an amazing place right now.

I was at the farm by 9:30am which may not seem like a little miracle but it sort of is. First bug bite today! But then I saw three lovely, girthy garter snakes, so it canceled out.  
Shen, the Central Scrutinizer, inspects my fence repairs.

Poor bald pathetic Wyatt, the rescued extreme Curly, dines contentedly in a pile of Bella's shedded curls. 

In Bliss on Echo.

Sheer Bliss!

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