Friday, April 11, 2014

Focus as Gesture as Thought.

4/11 PM update: Sheepishly reporting yet again.  I'd like to be writing about running but there is still none of which to write!

Pain level still unsustainable but perhaps slightly more dull today. Managed a half hour on the trainer bike in the evening. Was surprised it worked after this morning's fiasco on the outdoor bike. The old left leg nerve thing was just beginning to speak up toward the end so the timing worked well there. Went away when I stopped. Discomfort and poor sleep = Super cranky by the end of work today. I am thankful for funny (and helpful) co-workers with whom the time often passes quickly and with laughter.

(I am overdue to blog about the "medical" questions that my co-workers have taken to asking me. The process usually involves either a) me trying to find ways to explain shit that I barely understand in ways that people with zero science background can grasp, which is actually really great practice, or, b) me trying to tell people to stop believing what they read on the internet.  Most of the questions are just hilarious though in that a) they consider the topic to be related to medicine at all and b) they direct said questions  Today's specials: "I saw on the internet that there is a woman with two vaginas, so can a woman have two vaginas?"  and, "What are boogers made of?  Is there protein in them?" Well, this is, indeed, if nothing else, one way to pass the time...

I can see Mt Blue, the Bigs, and the northern Presis out the window almost all day too. My focus is out there in the sunset, resting and sighing peacefully in all of them. It is going to feel so damn good in x amount of time, when I am back to scampering about in the mountains, where I belong. All the sweeter.

And not only my focus, but my identity is waiting (I hope) out there too.

I received an email back from Andy Clark today. Who is Andy Clark? you may ask. Well, he wrote a paper called Gesture As Thought that blew my mind late last year when I stumbled upon it. I wrote him and said so, and asked what of his to read next. He very graciously responded and passed along a newer paper of his and a recommendation of one of his books.

The gist of the paper -- I've only skimmed so far, it's pretty intense -- is that perhaps the sensory and motor systems should not be thought of as separate entities....and why.

And it is absolutely amazing work. I can't come close to doing it justice. I think Dr Clark needs a lab assistant, don't you? What's the weather like in Edinburgh?

The other cool thing is that I completely Med Neuroscience course like a week ago, and was just settling into that shiny new knowledge & all the sweet fresh curiosity that accompanies the inundation. And now, after a taste of Clark's paper, it's as if, in a way, "everything you know is wrong".  And it's wicked thrilling to wonder about where this-all is headed.

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