Saturday, March 1, 2014

Solo Loop.

Glad I didn't check the weather until after I ran today -- Apparently it was about 11 degrees F with a "feels like -5".  Though this second number is a tad overwhelming to think of, it was pleasant enough to run in.  Didn't feel that chilly at all and there wasn't a puff of wind to speak of.

The whole first half of the run was through a snow globe of picturesque fluffy flakes, casually shrugging down toward gravity.  The only things missing were the perfect teeth of movie stars, hugging each other in Santa hats and pricey woolen ski sweaters.

I was glad to have two long-sleeved layers plus a fleece vest, hat and gloves.  I am still sorely missing my gps (I promise I'll quit kvetching and replace it soon!) even though I know this route's distance is a perfect 10 if you add on 0.4miles.  I like the challenge of little add ons; choosing precisely when and you want to do the "final" miles of your run is so much better than waiting until the end to just tack on whatever.  Picking occupies the mind - not an issue today, but sometimes it is good to have extra things readily available to which to apply your mind.  Ah, solo running!

It was a new route made up of combined old routes - FogChurchTorsey.  Definite keeper!  Great burly uphills at miles 2.5 and 8.  I loved thinking of my Trail Monster friends out there racing in the snowshoe Nationals in VT today, and of those training for Laurel Highlands, including Colin who maybe ran another 5k *with a banjo* today - as in, he did this last year - gonna have to check on that.  Those things are like 35 lbs!   Anyway - you-all keep me going.

Final thoughts:
1.  Still coughing and slow from flu - didn't run all week long - but feeling really good overall!

2. I miss the ocean and the mountains like crazy.  Mind wanders time and again back to these beloved things. Guess it's past time to get out there.

3. Will I train for something again one day?

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