Thursday, March 20, 2014

Pups and Pete at the Preserve.

The trail conditions today were downright sucktastic today, but it was still great to get out and enjoy frolicking with pups and Pete after a week of so very much study. We did around 5.5 miles but with all the stops to deal with pup shenanigans, we were out on the trail for nearly two hours.
Hawkeye always sleeps on the way home but even the typically-alert
Trapper Corgi MD needed a nap after this one.

Though it was almost un-runnable today, I really like Smith Preserve. Hope to return soon for the big (7-8 mile) loop, preferably after the snow melts but before bugs (if that time period even exists). It is much less hilly than up at home, and features a variety of winding single-track loops through open, light forests.

There was a major ankle twisting on right side, same one I've had achilles problems with before. It seemed okay when running but it's throbbing a bit tonight. A bit unusual, but I doubt it will cause lasting problems. I see it more as a reminder to stay present, to mind my gait and to pay attention where I place my still-Hokaed, still-Microspiked feet.

Unique problems with the left foot lately had me wondering if I was brewing a stress fracture or something. It's unlikely because it's always easy to assume the worst, but steeply increasing road mileage in crummy shoes when body is already dealing with a number of other stressors...maybe not a bad idea to keep an eye on it. As for the spine, it remains sound; this is a blessing I will never take for granted. I am continuing the strict regimen of loving every step.


  1. you are of sound spine and body :D

    love, love, love the pup pic

  2. basically yes. and as for the mind, well, we won't go there. ;)

    they are very swell pups. trying to train the smart-pants corgi to lend a paw on all this silly school work. he is usually too busy with More Important Things though.

    still need to tell you about the sledding bunnies!


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