Sunday, March 16, 2014

Oculomotor nerve of the (brain)storm...

Wild adventure here at headquarters...days and days of schoolwork and more schoolwork. It's been really hard, as expected, and really good, also as expected.

I just completed this week's element of the final exam for my medical neuroscience course, and it's not even midnight!  An unforeseen triumph in itself!!   Go on and look up this course if you're curious.  It's through Duke and it's taught by Dr. Len White who is fantastic.  I'm not sure when they'll offer it again, but if you wish to dedicate a solid 20 hours per week for 12 weeks learning the wonders of the nervous system, I cannot recommend highly enough that this is a grueling yet effective way to do it. Warning: Do not be like me and assume you're so good that you can do it in fewer hours unless you have a background in this stuff already. The good news? It's simply fascinating material.

I awoke stressed out and wicked bummed that I not only couldn't get up to MDI to play (run) with friendies up there, but I also had to cancel on Scout -- we were going to do 15miles at the Andy. The stars didn't line up. I gave up on running today: I just didn't have time and was way overtired.  It'd be a bad idea. Plus I'm not training for shit anyway so who cares, right?  Fuck it.  Just fuck all of it.

....and then at 1pm I had an itsy-bitsy brain-breakdown, and realized I was going to just go nuts if I didn't chill out and ...recenter. I put on my running costume (great Squirrel word) and set out, determined to do a crazy hilly 10 mile keyhole route because it felt impossible. Guess I needed to feel like it was within my capability to do impossible things, or something.  

It was single-digit windchills up on the ridges, of which there were many, and I admit openly that I dreaded each and every one of the relentless hills. I was cold, tired, and felt like disappearing under an icy stream at least 100 times.  

And then I was halfway, and then I was over the steepest hill in town, then I passed the long-haired donkey, then I was almost home, and then I unceremoniously shat in a conveniently located overgrown tree farm without giving it a second thought, and then I was home and it was all done. 

...All, in the grand scheme of things, in the blink of an eye.  

Yesterday was 12miles on part of the same route, tons of ridiculous hills and warmer weather. I need to try to look up the elevation changes because if damn well better be as much as it feels like.  Just sayin.

Reading 3.621 pages per night if lucky of something called Medicine at The Crossroads.  It's about 20 years old and it's intriguing that many of the issues it relates are indeed still of concern (as far as I can tell) to physicians and patients. Great book so far; I think I am on page 28. (Story of my life these days...!)

My dear Toughcats played at Rooster's Wife in Aberdeen, NC today. How I wish I'd been there!  They'll be in Portland, ME on next Thursday. Hint hint. 

Full moon!  

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