Thursday, December 12, 2013


I am sitting at Home in the increasingly cozy microworld that is The Building.  We have a new space heater which is humming softly away, and the bleach lamp, an old glass bleach jar filled with white xmas lights, glows in the corner.

My second mug of tea is cooling and I just took some version of autonomic peanut butter chocolate chip cookies out of the oven. Still, and perhaps merely out of habit, we both haven't taken our puffy jackets off all evening. Yellow is strangely absent so that means he has sneaked off to the forbidden territory of Ealasor's room.  

Ealasor is playing a bunch of Debussy as I type this! I am intrigued to note that my ears seem aware of the imperfection of the piano's tuning in this music than in most others. I wonder if it's because the harmony is so far from predicable that my ear "needs" all it can get from what is given, in order to make the song make sense.

Maybe I'm just agitated and stressed out and hyperaware of small yet grating things.  Maybe I'm really chilled out and my mind is quiet enough that the nuances come to light.  Maybe neither.  Maybe we ought to just tune the piano...!   Regardless, it's pretty close. I do love having such deep, searchful(?) music fill the room from time to time.

Where am I?

There are quite a few runs that deserve a shout, but for the moment I'll just note that Squirrel and I ran last night on Slightly Questionable Footing. Winter night running is always a unique adventure.  And by that, I mean, no matter how I feel going in, things are always better afterwards.

It's like the Magnus tapping videos and that type of shit.  What a terrible example.  But it puts you in the moment and keeps you there until you eventually must acknowledge something like:  I experience.

Anyway.  Clearly not getting anywhere with this entry tonight but I'll post it as inspiration to do a better one soon.  I've been attempting to get my evening writhe back every since it was abolished due to koala-spine, and I think it is finally safe to say it is coming along.

Writhe & Starzl memoirs and sleep, inshallah...

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