Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Portland, Maine endures the ice storm of 2013...

First day of Laurel Highlands training for Squirrel and Scout.  ICE INSANITY.

Need any help with that rake?  Hey are those ginger snaps in your pocket?
Pisgah tracks.
Buffalo and Eryne.
Snow sleeping on Pisgah growth.

Welcome to the home of Jeff and Tess!
Wake not the beachmonster...
Scout and Piper during our first double-half Beautiful Loop of the season.

Unsettled Scar Ocean.

Soft white underbelly & Breaking trail at Brad...

Brad Brad Bradbury...

I'm not sure this is the right way to see the situation...


  1. If you brought horses then there would not be no horses, just saying.

    1. Hey! I didn't know you ventured into these parts...!


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