Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The most beautiful leaf in the world.

Like a leafy pinata, Autumn seems to have suddenly exploded.

Our senses are quickly saturated.  We all end up bumbling about, bewildered by the magnitude of choices of good things to look at or sniff.   We eat apples thrice per day.  Anything that can fit in the oven, we will roast for hours.  Somewhere, someone is eating pie filled with a bold, dark-colored filling.

Here are some semi unrelated pics.
This Cosmos, once a native of Hermon,
still bloomed as of a week ago.   That
was back when it was like summah!
This particular morning could barely get out from under a heavy fog that lasted all the way to Portland.  It seemed that only certain splashes of red could pierce it.

Ealasor and Yellow take the solar powered trike for a spin.
(Yellow demanded to go along.)
I stop at the orchard to obtain coffee, noting that my fear of academia-induced narcolepsy is no longer the only reason I partake.

Finally got ahold of Adelberg's Microbiology!  That's right bitchez.
I walk to the library before class, almost giddy to feel my new stack of ILL books in my own two hands.  (The Dalby is mine -- re-reading this gem with wholehearted delight right now...)

Chem seems not to make much sense today.  Maybe it's the exhaustion.  Between Genji and my own sleepnessness this week, bedtime has been far from useful.  Or maybe it's because I'd gotten so far ahead last week that by now I haven't cracked the book in many days.  Idiot.  Must be consistent with this stuff, or else I'm fucked.

After hours of mundane bunk in the bio lab, I finally escape back to my beloved northern home.

Although just there a few nights ago, I return again to Hobbitland.   Pitch black was good, but it will be even better to be able to see it in the glow of dusky light.  Waterfalls, dappled light through gold and red and green leaves, stone bridges...  it is a dreamlike place, for sure.

I proceed to throw mind and body into a ground-covering march, as brisk as I dare.  Time to unwind.

Unfortunately, for now, I am to do so at a walk.  After about 6 weeks, if a certain disc lesion has healed, then there shall be running again.  Fun fact:  Resting a spine is almost impossible.  Also, six weeks is also a lot closer to eternity than I remembered.

The tempest of my thoughts eventually subsided and I re-found calm in memories from just a day ago.

Perpendicular Trail is one of my new favorites.
You can imagine its profile.  LOVE.
All day, in spite of somnolence and stress, I'd been carrying around and mentally referring to a little imaginary jar of Acadia that I'd gathered yesterday.  Time to crack it open.

Perpendicular indeed....
Between thoughts, I would refer to it and experience its ambient peace and perfection.

Gazing southeast to the Cranberry Isles...
No pics from within Great Notch but the quality of light therein
remains a topic of discussion.   
A different Great Notch, for a walking stick.
The sapphire lakes, the blazing trees, the granite cliffs, the scent, the silence, the soft Earth underfoot and the stone steps that curve their way to the summit....

We'd left Mt Mansell for a day just such as this.

Our plan usually involves hiking a lot of something, but purposefully never quite getting it all.  Then again we probably could not do so even if we tried. (Or could we?  The wheels do turn...)

Cragsnaggers seem to like nurturing a strong reason to return to unexplored areas.   And so it has come to be that these certain mysterious places are always calling to us.

Where within you do the elements of a memory seem to exist?


  1. yellow love. love the post. miss the poster

    1. aw, thank you. i miss my scout. things just aren't the same without IRS. :'(


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