Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Can I get out early for good behavior?

Change of plans.   Not going to run today, after all.   Sunday's hike was only about 5.5 miles, my pack wasn't very heavy, and I made extra efforts to rely on a trekking pole a lot, so as to not jostle the spine too much.  Didn't really hurt while I was doing it.

Feels like I am about back to where I was over the summer:  Generally functional, if I am careful and willing to tolerate a certain degree of discomfort and lack of mobility due to some sort of malfunctioning/compromised structure.

That said, sustaining unbalanced and structurally incorrect activity isn't doing any good.   And sustains the issue of constantly being on the brink of another acute situation.

Time for a new plan of action.  

In other news, the colors in the marsh are like no other, and Liza Dalby's book is, how else can I put it, but, restorative!   The squall howled through last night, and unsettled-ness resolved to settled-ness by morning. Just an energetic breeze left out there, and plentiful leaves now underfoot, to remind us.

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