Thursday, September 12, 2013


What a week, my o my....

Been hearing some old tunes with unprecedented fresh ears and thinking some old thoughts in a new, unforeseen, light.  We do not always ask for that which we are given, but sometimes it is ours either way...!

Yesterday was suddenly full-fledged summer again.  This morning is gray and green.  In me, it is all autumn... Hopefully a little self-sanctuary.

I found a small package in the mail a few days ago.  Upon opening it, I found one of my most beloved books!  Completely forgot I ordered it.  I am just about as frugal as you can get in the rest of my life, but used books are so cheap and provide so much joy, so cannot be helped.  Being as forgetful as I often am has its benefits.  It was a sweet surprise and I have been aimlessly clutching it.

It is called The Tale of Murasaki by Liza Dalby.  I am almost afraid to re-read it since I can't imagine any book could actually be as good as this one was the first time.  Fortunately(?) I am a bit too busy with school reading right now anyway, so I'll just enjoy its presence and worry about true worthiness much later.

MGA, and now DEA, and I are in quite the trialog regarding The Situation present in ye olde column of horrors.  Best advice so far:   Force = mass x acceleration.

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