Saturday, September 7, 2013


Scout, Squirrel and Jedi have been running since 6am.  It is now 10:25pm.  How are they doing?  I wonder to myself over and over again.

This morning at Brad, we spoke of our Haliburton friends before we all set out on Group Run.   Someone was surprised that they were planning on using only Tailwind mix and maybe not eating at all the whole time through 100miles and over 24 hours.  He said he'd rather have Edna and Lucy's donuts than just Tailwind.   I said we should go get some and bring them to Scout and Squirrel and Jedi right now!  If we start driving at 8am, we would be there in plenty of time to deliver them!


Proverbial shit here is hitting the proverbial fan.  Ran Wednesday with Squirrel at 5am and was not moving too well but managed fine.  Tried to run on Friday, and couldn't.  Think I made it 3 miles but it was awful.  On Saturday, my heart was set on 24 miles.  I think I ended up with 4, roughly 3 or which were walking.  The spine couldn't take it.

The Autumn is too beautiful for this.  It is an unthinkable contrast.

Tonight, my research has reached its apex:  I now know exactly what I need to do.

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