Wednesday, August 14, 2013


"Nowhere one
goes will
one ever
be away
enough from
one was."

-- Robert Creeley   (with my thanks to Frank Carlberg and Christine Correa)

I think of Creeley's words with a more nervous concern than he seems to have intended.  When perhaps homesick for a place that doesn't exist, I sometimes hear this micromanaged version:

 (K)no(w) where
one goes.
Will one ever be
away enough
from wherever
one was?


(...which is why we generally leave the poetry to the experts.)

Not only are we all generally on the verge of being misunderstood at all times, we are on the verge of misunderstanding most of what's going on.   Or well beyond it.

Perhaps trust is the coda of discomfort.


I left my running shoes in the other World.   Pretty sure that's like leaving your heart in Santa Fe or whatever the old song is.  Not really though.

Beautiful dawn at the Atlantic ocean this morning...  Beautiful wind all day.

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