Saturday, April 20, 2013

Tempo at the Reservoir.

Eliza, yellow lab Pearl, Maria, and I headed to the Reservoir, which is right near me but which I'd never run before (or known existed).  Hurrah, new trails!

And, holy shit, I just agreed to run with Maria who is super-wicked fast.  She once beat Aelasor in a trail race (!!!) and she barely runs (or so she claims) and never runs on trails.  She is a killer climber.  That's her thing.  Sidenote:  Right after I met her last year, she tragically fell 65 feet off a cliff in Camden -- check it out -- her recovery has been pretty amazing...

I was pretty sure Eliza would keep up with her, even though E claims to like running at my rather mellow 10min/mile pace.  Lo, keep up, she did.

And, I guess, so did I, powered by the glory of NSAID on the rocks with a twist of sheer stubbornness, thundering along behind the two speedballs... But only for the first three miles.

At the first twinge, I slowed way down and sent them ahead.  I am trying to be good.  I Need to run...

I liked being pushed (pulled, rather?) (dragged?), I liked the rocky, twisty, varied, reservoir trails, I liked the still-new-spring weather.  I like finally, finally having connected with other mountaineer-runner-climber folks who want to run regularly, locally-to-me.  We ended up with 5 miles.

There remain a few variables that are refusing to cooperate.  I hope that they will respond to some new strategies.  You can imagine that which this entails.  There, I said it.  Do not engage...

It's late and I must go seek the nest, for tomorrow is a Bradbury day.  Looking forward to attempting to tag along with Scout and Squirrel for a bit in the rain.  Hope to see a good flock of my Trail Monster siblings about.

And Sunday is hiking... hmm, but where?


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