Thursday, April 18, 2013

Return of the Insomniac Running Society...

It had simply been way, way too long since I'd made it up to Scoutland to run at night with the intrepid Scout.  We talked about everything, as always.  We visited peepers and quackers, looked for but didn't see beavers or deer.  We smelled slight skunk at one point...

I made the decision a while ago to further my education (and intellect, inshallah, if there be any hope for it...) in a scholastic setting, once again.  And I keep thinking maybe an imaginary someone who knows me really well will call me and say, hey, you never liked school, you were never very good, why do you insist on always doing the hardest and most unimaginable things?

And I'd look the voice in the eye and say, "You know, you're got a point there.  You just saved me a hell of a lot of trouble.  Thank you.  Let's go get ice cream."  And we'd all just relax and carry on.

This has not happened.

I love how this blog always begins to get a bunch of new hits from lands far and wide at this time of year.  Welcome, fellow hikers and runners of all ilk!  I hope somewhere in the archives is a bit of the information or amusement you seek.  Regardless, glad to share this interest with you, where ever and whoever you are at the moment.  May you find peace with every step.

I told the Wapack 50 miler peepz to please withdraw my entry a little while ago.  More on that later, maybe.  Was thrilled, thrilled to get in 7 miles with Scout last night under a crescent moon surrounded by every star.

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  1. Oh! I want so much to be the student. I am so envious. You will love it. It will love you. I vote it so.

    IRS, so much an oasis is my week :D


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