Tuesday, December 11, 2012

12/9/2012 Trashy paradox chaos and the nostril-wrinkle of doubt.

I did not feel like running when Sunday's Until We Meet In Hell event was happening.  I felt like torching the internal village and giving up.

I should get there early and run like 5 miles before the thing even starts!  That was the initial thought.  Because you know, it's, like, totally healthy to set parameters for yourself that there is no way you can observe in practice.
Rick going to Hell.

Fortunately, I spotted the Squirrel early on:  Everything was going to be okay.  There were many familiar and some half-familiar faces and it was awesome to see them all and chat with a few.

Scout was running the show but we caught up to her at Statue Central and the Scout/Squirrel/Unstrung trio was properly reunited thereafter.
Linda helling it up.

Playing was more important than running on this day.  We did some of each and the combination cured all that was curable.
Scout's pet horse is named Beany.

Scout and I picked up the course flags after the 90 minute time limit was up.  She pointed out past and future TWMiH courses.  I hope next year I feel like actually putting some effort into it.  There is an algorithm (thanks Jeff!) that levels the field based on past race times.

Squirrel side planks hellaciously.

Best part of the day:  Ian and Emma's statue.  I hope Scout blogs her pics, for they are wicked good.

Afterwards I went to Pisgah, thinking I ought to do two reps and get in ten miles for the day, you know, like any decent, self-respecting soul ought to do.
Heart tree loves you back?
I did only one.

I am the mossy wall.  And I will save you.
And it was good.

If the tower says it, it must be true.
There were decent views of the Whites from the tower but I need to return at sunset again soon.
Shadows already...
Never thought I'd be the one to be unsatisfied with "only eight" miles.  Blame tiredness for not knowing how to think properly.  Spent the rest of the day curled up in the chrysalis, getting ready...

~110min run/walk/stop/swordfight
~6 miles
~Rater hilly.  Thorncrag.  mid 30s to high 40s.


~40min run/walk/stop
~2 miles
~Mt Pisgah


  1. It's never to late to have a happy childhood! Didn't it seem like a good 10 years old fun time with friends? I love the fencing scene the best.

    1. yes. there is always time to play. :>


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