Saturday, December 8, 2012

12/5/2012 Cinder Run

Matt(!) and I ran around Back Cove in the early afternoon, soaking up the breezy yet springlike wonder.  We both wore shorts!  The usual, "climate change sucks but this is awesome" comments were made.
Here is a fairly typical picture of Matt imbibing in Iceland.
We talked about a lot of non-music stuff.  Different sizes of infinities came up, which, of course, led to wonderings about the boundaries (or lack thereof) of neuroplasticity.   How do we get our right-brain to chill our for a minute so the left can take a stab at understanding formulas and equations?  Must it be a trade-off?

LRL feels like a shin split so I've been icing and cursing it regularly.  Fortunately Matt hasn't run much lately.  We took it easy.

Afterwards was a great rehearsal. We tackled a ton of new material; vocal stuff, finally, and some Yiddish/Klezmer stuff for the Chanukah thing this weekend.  Psyched about Makedonsko Devojche and Joc Batrenesc.

In the evening was one of the best yoga classes I have ever attended.  I've been studying with Audrey for just about a year now.  Tonight, she led a fabulous, somewhat grueling, sequence that completely busted apart all the trash that's been residing in the shoulders.

It was a small and fairly experienced class of just 4.  Audrey took advantage of the situation.  Having not practiced much in the past few months, downward dog has returned to being hellaciously hard.  Damnit.  Forearm stand beginnings remain impossible, but maybe that will change if the shoulder fixes hold/improve.  Something to look forward to.  I love the challenge of trying not to fall over and writhe, and the puzzle of restoring mobility to the body.

Half Moon is my current nemesis.  The key to the unlocking the upper spine resides within.  Always worth the struggle!
Here's a pic of someone doing a standard variation of Half Moon.  I like the kind of pained expression on her face. :-)   
The range of motion restored by one single class feels.  fucking.  amazing.  I feel like I just paid $10 for what would cost hundreds of $$$ worth of PT.

~43min run, some walk
~4 miles
~Back Cove.  50+ degrees, breezy.
~Hokas, shorts, long sleeve top.


  1. You make me think I'd want to do yoga.

    Was that really Matt? Yikes!!!

    1. Come to a class with me someday when you can, all levels are welcome. You would appreciate the hardcoreness I think.

      And yep, that's "our Matt". You should fb friend him just to look at his pics!! :D


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