Friday, December 28, 2012

12/27/2012 Indecision II.

With a tailwind, it was actually not too bad, but both the wind and I kept shifting.  Plus I had to keep jumping into snowbanks so as not to become pancakified by the snowplows.  It is hard to run wearing two pairs of trousers but I was ready for it to be hardish anyway.  And this way, at least I was somewhat warm.

It was a gusty but otherwise quiet night.  Little flakes of snow were either still arriving or blowing around enough to chill the face.  The wind also kept de-hooding my head, which was mean, because I was wearing only a thin hat.  I could have put my headlamp on over the hood to confine it, but that was way too much effort and too much time potentially without gloves.

It really wasn't even that cold.  Probably almost 30 degrees F, but maybe 20 with windchill.  I am basing these numbers on a very scientific formula that I've devised from my years of data-gathering in central Maine.  I call it:  semi-random guessing.

I ran down the middle of the street in many spots.  Plows were plowing but not really succeeding, as the roads all had plenty of white upon them.  Inches.  Lots of icy spots too.  A far better night for a run than a drive...

The Hokas love snow.  They performed beautifully.  Gaiters would have been good, but in Wigwam socks (Smartwool knockoffs from Reny's, a Maine Adventure...) my feet were toasty as always.

When I came home, around 9pm, my roommate Ealesor shared homemade popcorn from her fancy new Amish popcorn popping device.  Nom.   And, my very first ever loaf of homemade bread had grown into a plump mound of perfection (pride, pride) with a passport and itinerary aiming straight for the oven.

I'll leave the rest to your imagination.

~45 minutes
~3.18 mile run / snowy plod
~Hills, wind, night, snow underfoot, breaking "trail" in many places
~Hokas, Smartwoolish sox, fleece pants, goretex pants, fleece turtleneck, hoodie, beanie, gloves, headlamp


  1. Success!!!

    Rick has a new weather station. You can at least find out the actual weather at our house with windchill and all! I'll have him send the link.

    1. A weather station that uploads to interwebz?!?!? That is so post-post-post modern! I usually take a look at various weather websites but then forget and/or it changes by the time I try to blog it...!

      Thanks for the nudge to run this run, by the way. Sometimes it takes a village...!

  2. Snokas!!

    Bread perfection for sure! Yum!!



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