Friday, December 7, 2012

12/2/2012 Are you still the same person?

A late night and then icy DDR and iffy roads got me to Bradbury a little bit late on Sunday.

I followed Scout and Squirrel's footprints, in various directions.  Wondering if they were still out there, or if they'd picked up Ruby, etc actually helped occupy the mind.  I didn't see a single other person on the trails.

I wasn't alone, though.  My mind was all a-crackle.  It hummed along nonstop, unraveling and processing all the energy from the other night's show (with Cinder Conk in New Gloucester) and from everything else.  It was really peaceful to let it do its thing while I carried on, patience the byproduct of my gait.  

I continued along what would end up being a large, anti-clockwise looplike shape on the East Side.  The footing was roughly 2/3" of snow.  The Hoka Mafates gripped it hungrily and with a pleasing crunch.  

I got a text from Scout when I was somewhere on the Ginn area.  It's good to know someone knows you're out there.  I also always think of Steven Callahan, the guy who spent 76 days adrift at sea (and wrote a great book about it, called Adrift).  I recall him describing the elation that is a message from home.  The situations are unique but their essence has a commonality.

Brad looked nothing like it looked yesterday, and I wasn't the same either.  There was some sleep last night.  A somewhat more piercing/grounded energy was present.  Movement was easier, more continuous.  I thought of the great violinist, Ben Russell:  When the energy is low, rather than fight it - Go into it.

~2hr 38 min run
~10 miles
~East side, mostly.  Some stops.  Temps more mild, steadier.
~Hoka Mafate, etc.  

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