Sunday, December 2, 2012

11/30/2012 Franconia Notch - Lonesome Lake

Icy cascades headed downward as we headed upward at a most gentle grade.


Snowy bog bridges!

Franconia Ridge!   

Bigger Franconia Ridge!!!  

Endless wintry perfection.

These signs didn't say anything about "STOP HERE AND GO HOME IF THE WEATHER SUCKS OR ELSE YOU'LL DIE" or "YOU MUST BE IN TOP PHYSICAL CONDITION TO HIKE THIS TRAIL OR ELSE YOU'LL DIE" which makes this hike unique from some of the others...

Action shot of Backwoods Literary Conundrum.   That's Jeff Romano's fantastic book, Best Loop Hikes - New Hampshire's White Mountains to the Maine Coast.  Highly recommended.

Lonesome Lake through the trees...

Something is rotten in the state of New Hampshire...  Snowmen are being slaughtered by the evil Tikko.  Will no one stop him?


  1. hugs and more hugs for the pics!

    1. yep, just another miserable day in the mountains. totally blah. :)

  2. when i see Lonesome Lake i think Heartbreak Hotel...but that was Lonesome Street...oh, Elvis.

    1. wow, this hike didn't seem corny, but i think you're totally right on: corniest hike ever.


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