Friday, November 9, 2012

11/8/2012 Yann Martel, Mindy, Gary, Me.

Rain, breeze, dark, Pancake/Marsh, Squirrel, long-ish run.  My longest in around a month.  And, as much as I enjoyed it, it felt a little long.

A torpid panic begins to set in when I think about 7.5 miles feeling long.  Ravenous.  Ravenous is the only word that can semi-describe how wholeheartedly I Need to be an ultrarunner again.  I miss running for hours.  My body is confused right now.  It doesn't know when to be awake or asleep.  

Tonight was a good step but there is more, more, more to be done, more to be run.  I am thankful for the protection of Hokas and for the Achilles stuff which seems to continue to thrive on flatness.  And for Mindy, because running 7.5 miles in the windy rainy endlessness of Pancake/Marsh alone at night would have Not happened.  But as a pair, it happened, and we marveled at many marvels of the quirks and unravelings of people, being, as they often are.  

It was rainy/drizzly but there remained a few inches of snow on parts of the trail.  Water on others.  My Hoka prints were literally about twice the size of her Squirrel prints.  Our wake appeared as that of two entirely different species.  

Speaking of which, Martel's book, Life of Pi, was truly delightful in its affable tone, unique settings, and genuine, forgiving delivery.  Also speaking of which, in a whole other way, Quammen's new tome, Spillover, regarding zoonotic diseases, is outstanding as of page 77 ish.  My browser doesn't even know the word, zoonosis.  Guess I didn't either.  Pretty much head over heels for the nature of Quammen's research... if you can use that expression on that sort of thing...

~82 min run
~7.53 miles
~Pancake/marsh, night, rain, breezy, can't recall the temp. 39?  41?  Not too cold but rather unsettled.  Some snow, water on trail.
~Hoka, Smartwoolish socks, pants, grid fleece, green goretex shell, fleece gloves (took off part way through), ballcap, Black Diamond Spot headlamp.


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