Tuesday, November 6, 2012

11/5/2012 Eine Kleine Nachtlaufen.

Nacht vor Abend.

I am listening to Srdjan Sevic, thanks to Matt's guidance, as I type this.  Where does this style of swing/groove come from, and how does it work?  How did it come about?  How can it be this good, this amazing, this hauntingly dark and gorgeous, and this unknown?

The pulse is raging and pure, coursing like a stream.  How do I build this?  It's like watching a species of music head toward extinction.  If I reach out with enough conviction, can I help to save you?

Anyway, running.

The stars.  They were fantastic on the dirt road, winding up through the field.  It was dark but early, after 6pm sometime, and Ursa Major looked all out of place, aim awry.  Part of me wanted to run home and get my star chart and just play.

Big dark Hoka footsteps crunched the gravel and thumped the brand new paved sidewalk.  Unlike yesterday when I pined for company, tonight was just right in solitude.  I only wished for a buddy when I thought of how sweet the yellow blaze and Suicide field would be; I was not brave enough to go there alone.

The wind snaggled in the dry grasses, failing to sonically unnerve me but getting a genuine nod for its effort.

It snowed all morning at the farm by the lake.  I was taking a moment to admire the lines of the pasture's slope and the forest's edge, staring at the sky for a few breaths, suddenly wishing more than anything that there would be snow.  And then... At first I thought I was making it up.  But lo, tiny little flakes came down for several hours.

And we've nothing to show for it.  A most quintessential first snow.

Gear notes:  First, I think my headlamp needs new batteries.  I carried a little handheld as a backup; neither were too bright.  At first I despised the handheld and swore I'd never use it, but 10 minutes later had the headlamp off and was using just the handheld.  Hmmm.  Not sure what that's about.

The issue was, I think, the shape.  I had to aim it forward and the wrists were so not into that. Need to try it again when they are back to themselves.

~40min run
~3.27 miles
~sidewalk, bike path, rolling hills, night, 37 degrees
~Hoka Mafate 2, thick socks, pants, longsleeve fleece baselayer, longsleeve shirt over that, orange hat which I forgot to take off after barn, but was glad I didn't, Black Diamond Spot headlamp, small handheld LED flashlight.  Was a little warm, maybe one shirt would have been enough.  Maybe would have liked thin gloves.


  1. I'm so full I can barely type...had to share. Hopefully, I'll have great big Hoka feet tomorrow! All ordered up!


    1. can't wait to hear how you like them!

  2. Xar promise me you'll make sure your batteries are charged and if you go on a run longer than an hour at night, in the winter you'll carry a backup. I'd hate for anything to happen in the woods with the cold season coming on. Better to carry a pack with just-in-case gear from now on on longer runs.

    1. Thanks for the concern. Good idea to bring stuff. I like carrying a pack anyway and the piece of mind might catalyze some extra confidence...
      Thanks Crux, hope to see you out there soon.


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