Sunday, November 4, 2012

11/4/2012 You are surrounded by sunsets every day. What do you do?

I was just about to go run alone when all of a sudden, Rosalea entered stage right.

"Wanna go hiking?" said Rosalea.
"Yep." said Unstrung.

Afternoon was already beginning to yawn and stretch.  We had time for a Pisgah trip.   We did 2x ascents and I did 5 towers (she did  7 I think, in the same time period.)  Dusk.

The sun was setting over the Whites and we had a fabulous color show during the stair climbs and final descent.  It was windy up high and calm below; keeping warm was just barely no problem with two cozy fleece layers.  Gloves too. 

We walked.  Unfortunately her Achilles is worse than mine right now with persistent visible swelling.  I was so glad for the excellent company.  Little sleep lately = the standard zest is sometimes out of reach.  Better to just distract, distract.  Not push it.  Let the energy settle where it is.  

It'll be back, soon enough.  

Sometimes I think I might also be a bass player.  Played four days in a row.  Also lopped pine boughs and a million other things at the farm, trying to coax our fenceline back from the morass of flora.  The pine smelled like merry something.  

Shen appreciates the grapes but thinks I am boring and he is correct.  Hang in there, little bug.  You'll get your curry soon.  Tired hands.  Tired.  Curl up with a book tired.

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