Tuesday, November 27, 2012

11/26/2012 A ninja, a chain smoker, and ancient Roman walk into a bar...

Slept.  Woke up this morning and decided I was all better.  Cured.

While this declaration wasn't 100% grounded in reality (whatever that is), I couldn't just reject it outright. Not with its earnest heart and puppy-dog eyes.  Improvement is significant, anyway, and each bit is appreciated.

A sweet run with a ninja (Squirrel) and a potential ancient Roman (Tim) occurred tonight.  Everyone got shaken down for conversational fodder and I have to say, I think it worked because we unearthed some abstract awesome shit.

Squirrel asked a wild question about time travel.  Tim pointed out that Back Cove didn't stink for some reason.  Who defunked Back Cove and why don't you do it more often?  Speaking of defunkage, there is much rejoicing across the lands, for the kingdom of Tim's nasty stress fracture has officially fallen and will soon disappear completely.

The viruses du jour, thanks of course to Quammen, are SARS-CoV and psitticosis.  Here's the beginning of my List of Things Never To Do (which is way better than your To Do list, by the way).  It includes not owning a parrot, nor entering a pet store, nor going on a plane, no public spaces, no eating dead gorillas, or civet cats, or bats, or having sex.  Yes:  A bright future lies ahead.

Might have been close to a PR for a Back Cove loop, in the most accidental sorts of ways.  Not sure though.

It doesn't matter quite enough to go check.  An expectation-free speed/tempo session is always welcome, however, and if the byproduct is some sort of milestone or PR, I'll give it nod as it passes by.

Of all the many things for which I could spend the rest of my life apologizing (but won't), running slowly remains not one of them.

Bright moonlight on the black water.  City lights bordering the field of vision.  No need for headlamps.  Hardly coughing. Shins (Rt...) disliking the substrate.  Conversation in the clouds.  Great wintery-night energy.  Maximal Friend Runnage!  And, IRS with Scout reconvenes later this week!  MFR FTW!

~52 min run
~Flat. Night.  35 ish degrees.  Calm.
~Merrell Chameleons, smartwool, typical trousers, grid fleece ls, ariat windjacket.


  1. You shouldn't waste a perfectly good gorilla...

    1. Yeah, screw it, I hate wasting food. Next time I come across a gorilla carcass with bloody foam coming out of its face, I am bringing it home and making soup. And totally inviting you over for supper. Ebola soup is sooooo good!


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