Sunday, November 25, 2012

11/25/2012 Harboring slime.

Not much sleep: Lung chunks.  In fact, running > trying to sleep.   Should I just run all night?

Longed to run long; ran instead.   East Side.  Ruby the dog, Val, Min, Tom W, Unstrung, Chandra.   Sun, splendor.  Slimy passages.  Snot.  Coughing.  Lungs fine otherwise.

Shoe issues.  Did not wear Hokas.  Sad toenail approved.  Wore ancient Merrells.  Rt foot disapproved.  Rt foot may have to suck it up.  I wish there was a way to just design the perfect shoe and run in it.  Not that there isn't a way.  Of course there is.  But where does one even start?

Grumpy morning.  (Not grumpy now though - listening to Round Mountain, drinking tea, and feeling much love!)   Pace was very gentle but I didn't seem to appreciate it much.  Just tired.   High hopes for salient sleep tonight.  Preceded by Quammen worship.  In case I haven't said it enough, Quammen's book remains amazing.  I dread that someday it shall end.

Also, hours later, my legs are kind of tired/sore/heavy?!??!?!  WTF!   I can't even remember them ever feeling like this.  Fascinating (uh, to me...) but weird.  Not concerned - again, I am frigging sick and tired.  Just wish I understood more.  Why?!  How!?

Nearly 7 miles may not be 15 but it's more than zero.  Chilly beauty of a morn.  Good people.  Treats at E&Ls and talk of past cats (and racoons and dogs and such) with Scout.  :>

I miss Judson Cake's blog.  I hope he is okay.

~92 min run
~Flattish East Side of Brad
~very old Merrell Chameleons, oy vey, smartwoolish sox, pants, grid fleece, fleece windbloc ugly vest, superfluous Nathan pack, ariat gloves which were used as kleenex, knit beanie, grumpy demeanor.

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