Friday, November 23, 2012

11/23/2012 Resistance.

It was so mild and sunny at the Crag; yet another gift of a day.  After seemingly endless vehicular travel recently, time running in the woods seems more necessary and even more precious than ever.

Apropos of anything: Scout's dear, 15-year-old, Spotless dog is very sick, but still very happy.  Trek for Peace sends her a huge and edible dose of love, to be distributed now and for all time.

I would very much like to do another weekend of back to back long runs!  I would very much like not to admit that I am sick.  Again.  It seems silly to even mention it after mentioning Spot, but, for record-keeping purposes...there, done.

And I know it's oh so boring to engage in discouragement, and it'd be much cooler to not speak of it, but....

Why, body?  Why?  WTF?

~50 or 60 min
~4.05 miles
~Hilly Thorncrag, maybe 60 degrees
~Hoka needs to put as much thought into the upper of the shoes as into the fab lower.  RIP to another toenail.  Gear companies really need to consult me more often for advice, no??!