Tuesday, November 20, 2012

11/19/2012 Stank.

Neither of us felt like Back Cove, so Luette and I ran a loop involving the Eastern Prom.  We managed to stay mostly on trails the whole way.  

We were a bit sluggish and wrangling various states of energy, but the conversation was premium:  Buenos Aires, bad horsemanship, Bulgarian/Cinder Conk lovefests, tele skiing, back country skiing, alpine skiing, nordic skiing, powder, west coast skiing, east coast skiing, skis, money, lack of money, people with too much money, people with uncanny ability to find gear for cheap, skip passes, pineland, ultras of the past, ultras of the future, Jewish mothers, fake Jewish mothers....you know.  All the normal stuff that people talk about.  

We kept encountering stuff that stank.  Stankiest run ever.  Fuckin city running...

~48 min run
~Portland trails, E Prom, etc.  Sunny, 40s.
~Hoka, whatever.

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