Sunday, November 18, 2012

11/18/2012 Back to back to back.

A person screamed in the forest but she reached out as I handed her a dead oak leaf.

Special Guest, Ruby, and Scout

This is not a chicken.

Father always said power lines were beautiful  Are they?

I take this picture too often.

Dog on a horse rope.

Bizarre lines/colors.


Shen, the heartbreaker.  

~3hours 38min run, some walk, some stop, mostly v slow run
~13.01 miles
~Brad.  First 5, East Side.  The rest was on mountain and Connector.  Hills.

~Hoka, wigwam sox, pants, grid fleece, cap, windbloc vest & fleece gloves for part of time, Nathan pack, h20 w. Nuun, Peter Rabbit snack (no rabbits were harmed, I think?).


  1. I'm pretty sure I saw you pick a rabbit hair out of your teeth later. And your Thanksgiving Advent calendar is in the mail...hope the gravy stays behind the little door...

  2. Silly rabbit, kicks are for trids. Great pics :D


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