Saturday, November 17, 2012

11/17/2012 Oy vey...

The knee obeyed:  It was cranky in the morning, but still roughly 12 million times better than last night.

Mist rose up off the lake into the final pinks of sunrise.  Everything was frosty and bright.  Weather fit to savor, I thought, as I drove the hour+ to meet Scout and Squirrel and my fabulous Trail Monster teammates.

We all had some Stuff, physical or mental, to run out of/through/beyond/away from, and that's exactly what we did, as we trail runners do to survive.

We stayed mostly in the Oak Hill area but there was a large flock of Monsters about elsewhere.  Sadly we didn't see any of them (except Emma!) after the initial soiree, but the three of us laughed and conversed the hours and miles away quite easily.

For me, that was the only easy part.  Today was just one of those impossible runs.  I kept checking my GPS and wondering if I should just stop.  Fortunately, my desire to run with Scout and Squirrel was stronger than my desire to go collapse in the parking lot.

I clung to the former.  Just barely.  By the last few miles, I'd dropped back pretty far.

Although the knee was blessedly runnable, I was stupid creaky otherwise.  Deltoids, pecs, traps, wrists were all sore enough from hiking yesterday that every arm swing was unpleasant.

Legs were basically fine, but it was as if someone had poured a peanut butter/concrete mixture into my entire skeletal system.  Though the pace seemed more than reasonable, maybe it was just too fast for me in the current condition.

Pineland was full of that alluring, soft, wintry-morning light.  The knee appreciated the highway-like trails today, as did I.  As soon as we stopped running, and I tried to step again, it freaked out a little and there was some cringing.  Some stuff sets it off but I am extremely joyful that running isn't one of them.  Even as dramatic as it is being, it has to be pretty superficial.  Curious about tomorrow.

This was one of the hardest and least comfortable runs ever.  Still, due to the great conversation and company, it managed to fly by.  It was again difficult to warm up afterwards and the headaches recently have been lingering more than I want to admit.  I feel well though, I do.  No coughing.  Hope I can perk up more convincingly for tomorrow!

~10.99 miles
~2hours 17minute run with some stops to admire farm equipment, etc.
~Sunny.  Probably mid 30s max.  Gentle footing, all hills.
~Hoka Mafate 2, Smartwool sox, pants, LS shirt, vest, Nathan pack, h20 with Nuun, gloves.  Maybe I was over dressed but I was too cold to wear less. And then I sweated like crazy, headache possibly = elecs out of whack.  Meh.


  1. You are one tough Hoka running Cinder Conker! Be well! Recent days have had me reading VT100 blog entries..don't forget Bio-freeze helps with aches and pains. :)


  2. Cinder Conker! Tough, definitely. What a great day, even at Pineland!


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