Thursday, November 15, 2012

11/15/2012 Vespers.

I haven't been able to do many sunset runs lately.  Today was a treat.  I left a trail of unraveled thoughts behind me as I gingerly crunched along.  Probably that looks like invisible candy wrappers.

I was about to turn around when the sky started to exhibit some pale streaks over the lake.  I continued up the ridge for a while instead to get a better view.  At first I thought it was going to be an understated sort of affair, but then, through the trees to the west and north, an immodest glow began to rage.  I was sad to reenter the forest and tried to get through it quickly, hoping to catch the colors on the other side.

More hints of glowingness surged through as I crossed the field and headed onto the road.  I passed home and stopped the gps at 3.0 miles, at the crossroads, where the view was outstanding.   I walked a little more, thankful, and admired the radiance, before going home.

LRL sobbed a bit but it's still really nothing.  Really.  Slept a bunche last night.  No coughing today!  Bullet: dodged?!

~39:35min run
~3 miles
~High 30s, clear, sunset
~Hokas, smartwool, pants, fleece shirt, vest, knit hat, various gloves.

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