Friday, November 2, 2012

11/1/2012 #1 Venturing upward.

The evergreens are just about the only ones left.  Late Autumn, Brad's post-Hurricane edition, has arrived.

Consensus was that we didn't want to get shot and strung up, like the ill-fated deer we both saw on the way in.  Woe.  That meant we should run on the mountain side.  The right upper-heel-ish-area-thing behaved until about 45 minutes in.  This is a huge improvement.  They sure are serious when they say this stuff takes a long time to heal.  It's pretty cool to be able to do even just a few hills now, at least, though.

Lovely Brad had acquired some fallen branches, some which we relocated as we chatted and ran.  The trails were very much covered in leaves and it was heard to see what you were about to put your foot down on.  Scout, at one point, put her foot down on a question mark and then there was slow motion as I watched the ensuing tumble.  It looked unnatural/unnerving.  Scout leapt to her feet right away, to run from the near-tragedy.  Concerned, I warbled along behind her trying to say the thing that would make it not be bad.

It wasn't bad, within minutes, but I certainly can't take credit.  As described by Scout, her ankle has merely gotten scared.  It turned out okay.  Relief.

I loved the route we did.  Would I ever find it on my own?  Nope.  Sure going to miss our weekday-daytime runs when Scout goes back into the Other world next week.  Maybe there will be good night running soon though...

~Hilly Bradness.
~Hokas, long sleeves, orange stuff.


  1. good title :> can't wait for the next edition of the IRS!!!

  2. Interesting, I tend to think in terms of the other world too.



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