Saturday, November 10, 2012

11/10/2012 Oh, you said THORNcrag. Nevermind, I'll go get dressed.

None of the versions I've unearthed so far are accurate or listenable, but I can assure you that the tune I learned last night is among the most beautiful I have ever heard.  I will share it as soon as I can find a version is worth sharing.  Matt is learning it too, so come to New Gloucester in December and we shall try to do it justice as we share it in the way it truly ought to be shared: in a room, together, with friends.

Joc Batranesc (or Batrinesc) is an old Romanian dance tune with the quintessential dark melody that plods like a heartbeat before setting sail.  It was looping endlessly through my aural-imagination today as I followed Scout and Squirrel around at Thorncrag in the soft, mild sun. We did not get shot.  

Speaking of sailing, or not, Ealasor and I watched Bruce on a French news stream early this morning.  He is in France being interviewed about being the first American to complete the Vendée Globe.  For the uninitiated, that's a solo round-the-world sailboat race.  He did it several years ago and though other Americans have finished, he still holds the American record.  Ah, Brucecakes...

Anyway, Por....uh, I mean, Thorncrag was sweet.  The hills finally feel normal.  The best part of this run was when we made human sculptures on the granite pedestal.  (I did not destroy Scout's, for the record.  Didn't even touch it.)

It is very important to play as much as possible when running long distances.

Running mileage for the week: nearly 25.  Twenty-five seems like a good, safe spot for me right now.

Or was, until I wrote that.

Maybe it is again time to imagine the unimaginable.

(As always.)

~90 minutes
~Hilly leafy trails. Maybe 45 degrees.  Midday, sunny, a bit breezy.
~Hoka Mafate 2, Smartwool type socks, pants, long sleeve shirt, windbloc vest.

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  1. Xar, I love all your thought provoking statements...I imagine this one to be, ''imagine the (un)imaginable''...if it makes sense though, the image of it is better in my head.



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