Wednesday, October 10, 2012

10/7/2012 Could this be chaos?

My show in Brookyn was over at 11pm on Saturday night.  I had a place to stay like two blocks from the venue, for free, with free parking.  Luxury.

though dead things and replicas surrounded the stage at our bklyn venue, the mood was far from macabre.
So why did I get in the DDR Car and start driving at 11:14pm?

Because I needed to get back to Maine asap.  There was an unused pair of Hokas in the back seat.  I had to try them.  On trails.  For real.

I showed them to Matt and he asked which nursing home I had to rob to get them.  He has a point.  They unabashedly massive, marshmallowy moonboots.  When I told Scout this, she reminded me that Matt plays accordion.  He can't judge.

I ended up sleeping at a couple of rest stops in CT and MA.  And though I secretly hoped to be at Brad in time to see some of the morning Monster crowd, I didn't make it there until much later.
the guy at the venue offered me a shot and said i ought to take a walk to the pier.     
Weird:  On the drive up, the subtle pain in my right heel (which had been there for months and months) really hurt.  WTF?  I hate even writing this much about it since it just seems like all I ever talk about it stupid shit that hurts, like it's some sort of excuse as to why I'll never progress, or some pathway to sympathetic attention.  Fuck all of that.  Fuck it!   The relevance is that the thought of putting on the hugely cushioned Hokas was about a million times more appealing than putting on my totally worn-out, cushion-free Brooks.

Tangent:   Not going to get into my lack of progress too much, but I'll tell you (or maybe just me) why it is right here, right now:  I don't really run enough.  Knowing that there are specific things I can do to improve has me in a position of some amount of power.  It's good to feel like I know what steps I could take, should I wish to.  The more difficult questions are, can I/should I forgive myself for the level of indifference, or the laziness that I continually choose to perpetuate?  From where do I summon the courage and fortitude to actually reach out (on a number of levels)?  And how do I do it and not get sick or injured all the time?
some walls are invisible

Okay, forget all of that for now.  Back to the Hokas.  I'd only had the shoes on for about 15 minutes on Thursday night, and did a tiny test run on the road near my house. The shoes seemed a little too big but they were still incredibly comfortable.  I loved how they guided and responded to the direction and energy of my footfalls.

Today, I ran on Boundary and Lunchbreak.  Even too big, the shoes really are amazing.  And they'd better be, for the $.  Even on sale they were pricey and it took a while to save up for them.

it was the tour of odd views from stage...
C has also recently been running in Hokas and it's been good to have someone to debrief with.  Are they a crutch?  Or are they just paving the way for the improved muscle memory of better form?

The heel pain thing certainly appreciated the massive cushion.  Honestly not sure I could even have run in the Brooks at all.  I wonder if walking on the concrete in the city, in very flimsy old Merrells, is what aggravated it.  I still love how the Cascadias fit, don't get me wrong, but it seems as though the Hokas arrived at just the right moment to be truly useful.

for which it stands
Between protecting the Achilles, which remains on the mend but does not really deserve that capital A, and the heel stuff (which turned more into calf stuff as the run went on), I felt a little defeated.  Also something about being a little tiny bit tired.

In spite of everything, it was a really positive run.  The shoes are great.  Their effect on my stride/form definitely points toward the way I would like to run.  I feel like I can stop struggling now and start running.

Thank you, Brad, for existing.  Thank you Hokas, for the inkling of hope.  Thank you E+L's for the yummy post-run snack.

Got home as dusk was falling.  Immediately jumped on the bike for little bit.  I should probably read up on bike safely protocol one of these days.  I didn't get hit by a car this time, but I can see why maybe night biking isn't super popular.  The days are getting shorter now though.  Time to shatter some potentially non-existent expectations.

~52min run
~3.4 miles maybe?   No GPS.  Boundary and Lunchbreak basically.
~Hills, trails.  A bit chilly, overcast.
~Hoka Mafate 2, pants and long sleeves.


  1. So did you decide they fit you well enough? Also, think about the driving itself as a possible aggravation, especially since it's your right foot. Pressing the gas essentially puts it in the same position sleeping aggravates it for people. Do you use cruise control much?

    Love the right up. Don't worry about the level of worrying about injuring. I just think you don't notice as much in others' blogs.

    PS. Though I'd love to take credit, I believe it was the Squirrel that made the accordion comment.

  2. Oops, sorry Squirrel! (Proof that Scout/Squirrel, while two unique beings, oft combines into one unified force of Nature?)

    I ordered a pair of the shoes in another size on Monday. I do wish they were available locally; not only to try on, but because also the shipping/packaging are not so green. (And the materials are probably not as green as the Brooks materials, alas.) I will have to resell these as used.

    Hopefully enough people out there are curious enough about Hokas that they won't mind a week of wear, and I can still get some of the $ back. I just couldn't even remotely face running in Brooks after having these on my feet, even if a little too big. You should still try them on btw, just to see, even if you aren't shopping - maybe see you at Brad on Sat?

    The driving/foot pain was odd because it is on a part of the foot that wasn't touching/pressing on anything. That's why I want to blame the concrete (but I didn't do that for more than an hour or two...). But then again, it's been brewing for months. The inflammation/irritation is in the front of the heel, possibly from something going on between (or below?) the calcaneus and cuboid. I don't know if there is a bursa or something under there; I am loathe to research it just yet. I would prefer to go back to ignoring it. It isn't awful and sometimes it goes away.

    And if it goes away sometimes, it should be able to go away all the time... <- reason for hope

    Okay, next entry I get to write is about Tumbledown, hurrah! No more quandaries!


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