Friday, October 26, 2012

10/24/2012 Visible darkness, invisible brightness.

The right lower leg mystery has been improving.  Flat surfaces seem to help protect it as it finds itself again.

When I heard that a fellow Monster was doing some night running on the pancake/marsh trail in 'Rough, I inquired about tagging along.  Fortunately for me, general consensus seems to be that night running in packs is much more relaxing than going alone.  Hurrah!   We were on.

Chance provided that I didn't have time to pack the bike, and that I should just run.  The Hokas provided their signature soft landing and a gentle sendoff, for which I have already grown thankful.  The months of footsoreness are over.  Everything felt pretty good.  Not rock solid -- I wasn't about to get heroic -- but handling the pancake/marsh was precisely what was needed.

I also totally needed to be running at night with Squirrel.  She is deeply knowledgeable about wicked interesting juicy-stuff and she didn't even flinch when a giant seahorse dragon almost attacked us both.  I didn't mention that I'd seen it.  Wouldn't have wanted to cause alarm.   But yeah, I love night running, not alone.  Good to be back.

That night, I had a dream about living in a boarding house full of injured runners.  There was a pet bunny named Pretty Angel Butternut Anything White Square.  As with most things, I don't get it, but I like it.

~55 ish minutes, maybe?  No GPS.  I have sworn the GPS.  Until....well... it'll be back soon.  If this run had gone poorly, I'd probably abstain longer.
~ 5+miles ish
~Mild.  Long sleeves. Night.  Hokas.

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