Monday, October 22, 2012

10/22/2012 Scavengers.

After a long and freakishly gorgeous Autumn morning of horse-chores and lugging 12'-16' boards to the second story of a barn, I emptied a fraction of the dust from my lungs, ate a really unique pancake, and followed Ealasor's bikeprints out into the woods.

My job was to go hide a couple decks of playing cards all around the Donut Pond trials.  Her XC team would be out in a few hours to try to find them all.   Some sort of game ensues.  They wait all season for card day.  Methinks Ealasor might just be the best coach ever.

GPS is on vacation.  It is much neater keeping track of normal runs, but neatness isn't why we're here.  The bike/walk/run combination may be goofy but it is potentially sustainable for now.


  1. I should have been the surprise of the hunt!

    Have a great day Xar!


    1. Update: The XC kids found all but 2 of the cards Ealasor hid, and all but 20 of the ones I hid. Guess I am a hide/seek hard ass. Oopsie. Maybe today they'll find more, or maybe I'll go out again and see if I can re-find any of them myself (highly unlikely).

      Thanks Ann, you too.


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