Wednesday, October 17, 2012

10/15/2012 Frinjuries

Surprise!  It's a bad idea to do a 35 mile week when you haven't in so long, especially after time off.  Who knew?

Thing is, I figured I could do it and maybe be a bit sore or tired, but not actually break.  

Good morning, wrongness.  I ran about a mile on Monday.  

Turned around.  

And walked home, taking a shortcut.  

Attempting to iron the ridges from my forehead, I grabbed the bike and pedaled away.  (Note:  I found a new saddle.  Praise be.)  One one paw, I thought as to myself, I have gained new confidence from getting the Achilles thing on the left leg under control.  Hurrah.

On the other, what the fuck, Other leg?  And to think I believed you loved me.

What happened?  It whined a lot on Saturday but didn't get worse as I ran.  And so run, I did.  Sunday, it was worse, even not running.  (Cool gray day volunteering at the Hidden Valley Half Marathon with Ian though.)  Monday was blah but I thought maybe I'd work out of it. 

Big Brad Ultra struts forth in the near future, a crackling beacon of self-worth.  As of this moment, I can't see how it would work without causing extensive further damage.  Drawing from historical sources, however, one may recall that I signed up for the first 50k at Pineland just a few days in advance and was fine.  The second, I did after barely training, was didn't even realize I was going to do it until I was out on the course at mile 29.   And was fine.

The pattern may continue, but this is definitely the brokenest I've been.  I am fighting off the drama with my trusty shovel, but if you're reading this, you probably know what it's like.

Sometimes I want to walk out the front door and bellow, ...BUT YOU CANNOT TAKE MY MIND.  Then I picture myself walking back inside to the slow realization that my mind has, clearly, already been consumed.

Maybe if I run it, I'll be cured.  What is it that I seek?

The weather remains amazing.  Might just quit everything and go feral.  

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