Saturday, October 13, 2012

10/13/2012 Summit of Something.

Brisk dark morningness began with this, which my violin player sent late last night:
I almost didn't get to Brad on time since it links to a slew of videos (memories), which I hold very dear, from last June's trio tour.  I am the luckiest bass player ever.  My gratitude for Matt's and Ben's badassery is immeasurable. 

...Tangent complete.  Bradbury was sprightly and chilled.  I could hardly bear to de-vest.  Once the vest goes on, I rarely allow for it to come off.  Especially early in the season.  Scout expressed similar woe at dehoodying.  There may have been some whimpering, possibly some tiny violins, as we converted from warm creatures of the car to Monsters of The Trail. 

Rick (aka Boss) and George (aka The Dealer aka Jedi) set out for 20 miles via a double-Bruiser course (minus The O Trail).  Great to see them for a few minutes, both looking tough as ever.

Scout and Squirrel were going to do a BBU loop.   I really didn't need any more miles this week since I somehow managed to pull off plenty.  But I also have (supposedly) an ultra next weekend, and I haven't done a long run, like double digits long, since July.   Yeah, you heard me.  JULY.   (Sept 1 (my last ultra) and Sept 9 (12 mile race in which I became injured) don't count.)  (Nor does the 26 mile walk at the VT 100.)  (I supposed they could sort of count.)  (Whatever!)  

Morning glow, fill the Earth, come and shine for all you're worth...
Anyway, I followed them for the first mile or two on the East Side.  Are you running long?  Asked Scout.  I don't know, I answered.  I kept having to stop and knead the knoise out of my irascible right calf.  The rest of me felt well and the morning was so cool and gorgeous and perfect.  I would have liked to stick with S & S for longer but, even as they very sweetly offered to wait, I urged them on ahead.  

Dear body, I know I ask a lot of you sometimes.  I am trying to take care of you properly.  Please hang in there.  I've only just begun.  We will get this.  We will.

I wound around alone on the East side for a while, again having to walk sometimes as the right leg pitched fits.  I paused to de-layer; I'd started with two long sleeved shirts -- first time of the season.  First hat and gloves too!   I also paused to draw some graffiti in the fallen leaves, in case Scout and Squirrel were on the same path as me.  I didn't know the course too well so wasn't sure if my impromptu shortcut would reunite us.  

B E L I E V E .
Back at the lot, I stopped and spent a while really working on the leg.  I took another ibuprofen.  Go ahead. Pass some judgments.  It's okay.  I shan't stop you.  I judge the hell out of myself too.  I just wasn't feeling done at all, and couldn't let this discomfort stop me at this point. Fortunately, I began to knit myself back together over the coming miles.  I guess the first 6- 7 miles were all sort of just warm up, anyway.  I hit the West Side conscientiously, and with much gratitude.  

I went from Boundary, to the Reaper Tree at the beginning of the Connector, to Lunchbreak.  There was some walking still but the leg was semi-behaving enough that there were also several Lunchbreak repeats.  Glad to get those in.  As I was making my way past the FSM, I calculated that Scout and Squirrel would probably be coming along here sometime soon.  Sure enough, within the next 15 minutes, I heard the music of their companionship come surging over the hillside.  

Scout and Squirrel in action!
I was so glad to finish a way-longer-than-intended run a) with friendly folk, and b) during Autumn's lusciousness.   Before today, I had really given up on getting in anything long before the BBU.   Why am I so quick to just assume I can't do something, even if I've done it many times before?   That's kind of goofy.

I am sure I'll pull the same shit as soon as BBU is over.  <-- Hopefully now that I've said that, I won't.  

Time to heal up all the fringeries (new term, gonna coin it), get acclimated to the Hokas for really real, and then run more and better.  Time to crash and thrash(?) my way through something that ends me up with a longer distance.  It's no secret (?) that running itself isn't enough(?) for me.  I hope in the next year to realize fully that the running is a byproduct (in the kindest sense of the word) of something else(?), some other facet of something that pertains to Why I'm Actually Here(?).  (Or, if I'm Not Here, why/where I Actually Went.)  If it takes a 50(?) mile distance to bring it all to life, to bring my (mind?) to life(?), then so be it(???).

~3hr 26min run / some walk
~11.5 miles.  Yes, that's all.  Please stop sadly shaking your head and go have some toast.  
~34 degrees, up to probably 54 degrees.  Sunny Autumny.  Brad, east and west.
 ~Hokas, Smartwool sox, pants, polypro top (shed), fleece grid top, knit hat, fleece gloves, Nathan pack, couple of f-newtons, twice.


  1. I looked quickly and got excited that you knit a hat, but realized, you were wearing one!

    Looking forward to cheering you beyond Bada$$ness next week!

    1. learning to make hats has been at the top of my list for years. maybe i can sign up for a lesson with you someday.
      and thanks - i am concerned that the body isn't going to cooperate but it'll be great to see you and everyone next weekend either way.

  2. you and your body are getting it. you are getting it and sharing it. i love that you run so that i can read about it.

    1. oh scout. your support (and guidance, insight, everything) means so so so much to me. thank you.

      my calf/shin/heel/etc are on the phone with their lawyers. i've taken them all to the court of cross training.

  3. love that you run so i can read about it, too. so much bloggery goodness!!


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