Friday, July 3, 2015


A good colleague is one who can help when you're all alone and you're having a problem with a chocolate bar. Having a complementary vocal range is also a plus.

I raced to Shen's to do chores but Laurie had them totally done and the little herd was enjoying a peaceful evening, munching away. I picked up my acoustic guitar and sped campward.

My hand struggled at first but after a few tunes, the un-calloused fingers were more of an issue than the imperfect fingers. I can't play well but I can stumble forth. The brain has been kind about few things as I get older. I am grateful to have gotten a guitar as a teenager. Starting out as an adult would surely be harder.

Tangent:  I learned about a non-depolarizing NMBA (neuromuscular blocking agent, in case you're normal and don't already know what that means) today called rocuronium. Say it out loud and it's even funnier than succinylcholine,,,which, by the way, is the only polarizing NMBA in common use today. Rocuronium at a higher dose works almost as fast as sux but is longer lasting.

I finally checked out duolingo. One of my broken campers and I were talking about it the other day. I took a few lessons in Norwegian!

Anyway, Haylee joined me in my cage (aka, the screened porch - one of my favorite spots) tonight and we started trying to sing our way through some songs. We are going to do some cool stuff and then maybe also some pop anthem that Haylee believes "will make us a lot of friends" among the chilluns. While I am morally opposed to everything about this, I am also totally on board to go for it.

The Bradbury Scuffle is soon. So it VT100. Someday I will return to these parts of my life. Today was the first day I've started to really get that hankering to get back to the mountains right away. It's hard to get away, though. Not because I'm not allowed to. It's just easier to be nearby if something happens. So I guess it's because I don't want to leave.


I officially do not like portaging one bit.  I believe I've just seen a newly broken nose thanks to a canoe that fell upon it.  And thus, another one gets shipped off to the emergency department.

Other portaging injuries this morning were a very nasty thunk on the noggin and a semi-nasty thunk to the neck.  And, the shoulder injury from a few days ago is nestled under a fresh batch of ice after someone hit it this morning with a bench. Oh, and, one of the little peanuts fell out of bed last night and whacked her mouth and her toe, both hard. (Yes, she is that kid.) Toe is a mess and her braces are sore!

Sore throats, spider bites, injured knees... quite a morning.

Ice, ibuprofen and bubble wrap all around, please?

Was very glad to later learn that I get to be part of the overhaul of our portaging practices. I think there is a lot that can be done to prevent most of the injuries.

Thursday, July 2, 2015


New hobby:  Lying awake and wondering, what was that injury?  What have I seen? What did I miss?  What could I do better next time?  Such curiosity is the lips of a great hunger within me.

And what's cool is that I have the luxury of spending the coming weeks living in close proximity to my patients. Even if we never figure out what really happened inside that unhappy shoulder, we'll at least see how it begins to heal. Always interesting. And I can check in with them whenever, and they know they can come check in with me whenever, and I can see to it that they ice and elevate and rest...

Met two orthopedic surgeons today at two different appointments with two different kiddos. Yesterday was spent at the primary care doc and then the emergency room. My trusty colleague kept the light on headquarters not only yesterday and today but this evening as well, as I hibernated at last in attempt to kick this yucky little nose/headache virus that half the camp has. About paperwork, all I'm going to say is...yes, paperwork. It all seems silly indeed, but I don't mind it.

Looking forward to the new challenges tomorrow may bring. It is invigorating not to know. The improv is far from flawless but I think some parts are improving.

Hopeful that I won't have to leave campus again for a bit. Enough with the hospitals...

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Shoulders, birds.

They learned to portage today.

...And I learned how little I know of shoulder injuries.

They practiced carrying canoes all the way down to the point. It's a long walk but just a fraction of what they'll encounter on the Gash.

I've got two right now. One leaves tomorrow for a couple weeks of paddling. The other leaves Thursday.  Except she won't, because her shoulder is too busted. We will face that talk tomorrow.

My worry has become a flock of white birdlike creatures. Just after dark, they begin to stir. They follow the campers back to the cabin: The larger ones soar silently over to the people about whom I'm most worried, and the smaller ones to the people about whom I'm just a little worried.

The in-between ones and the tiny ones go sleep with whoever else is a little homesick or lonesome, or whoever just needs a friend.  In the morning, when I awake, they've already flown back onto the upper ledges of my closet. They are somewhere beyond the linens. The door is closed neatly behind them.  No one would ever know.

Beautiful night for a paddle. I jumped into one of the kayaks lying around here. It was a far cry from steady, sweet Bliss, but it did the trick.