Monday, April 27, 2015


It is a night of regrets and powerlessness: I wish I was in Nepal, right now, with some capacity to help. There is no reason I shouldn't be over there helping out somehow.

David Adelberg in Nepal a few years ago.
All is quiet here. The non-sleeping hours are completely packed and the sleeping hours are in short supply.

Today, for instance, I got up as early as possible, read a few paragraphs while the water boiled, raced to the barn for a quick hour trying to get the shoots uncovered in the garden and the stable & paddock clean enough so that the substrate doesn't go to hell with all the rain this week. Raced home with enough time for a costume change, raced to work, raced around in the kitchen for 8 hours.

During the required 30-minute lunch break, I called one of my other employers and gave my notice, and then studied respiratory emergencies for the other 29 minutes while eating mediocre chow that I was grateful I hadn't had to cook, but then, on the other hand, wished I had.

Raced through eveningwork routine to get out 10 minutes early with enough daylight for about 27 minutes in the kayak. The rains came, the winds ripped, waves broke over the top of poor little Bliss. She is a rugged little boat though, and the world roared and splashed around us but we were safe. Rain gear was the right choice. No sunset to speak of but there was a raw, brash beauty that injected a much-needed dose of vivacity right into my brain. I think I need to acquire a spray skirt and also better lashing straps -- takes way too long to get her on and off the car with that cumbersome rope. Anyway, was dark by the time I drove the 2 minutes home.

Read, changed into dry stuff, read while feeding. Obsessed about being unable to help. Came here to write this snapshot-post.

Is it just my inflated ego that is convinced that I could be helpful? Or do I now have the seedlings of some skills that may actually do a little good, if the timing is right?

Moving forward... a new era awaits.

Licensing exams are next week, Time for tea and books now. Reading my textbooks, as much as I can stand, but also a book called The Hand - How its Use Shapes the Brain, Language, and Human Culture by Frank Wilson. But then again, it's 2245 already and I'm to be at work at 0600... Ah, no time to fret!  Onward.  Cheerio!

Monday, March 23, 2015

February 28, 2015 - Acadia - Pemetic wanderings with T and I and I's trusty henchfolk

It took us a while to find this blaze. There was a ridiculous amount of snow and trail finding was very difficult at times. Be forewarned. Also, I fell in a hole. Interesting predicament. I don't really recommend it. Still and completely awesome hike!

February 14, 2015 Acadia - South Bubble and Pemetic

Temps went as low as -14 degrees F on the drive up, but once we got moving, no one even noticed the cold...

A snowy owl looked me in the eye and took off silently as the snow began to fall on Pemetic.