Sunday, November 30, 2014

First Aid Kit.

What's in your trail-running-specific first aid kit? 

My answer would be far from unique: Most of us don't carry them, myself included.

That said, I do carry two first-aid-type on long runs:

1) diphenhydramine
2) ibuprofen

And that's basically it.

I actually have some simethicone in there right now too, which I borrowed from Shen's stash. We horse owners are supposed to keep it on hand in case of gas colic. Shen likes the peppermint flavor. I've never actually used it on a run, on a person, but everyone knows that runners seem to get upset stomachs more often than Normal People. I figure maybe someday someone is going to find a use for it. Alternatively, maybe if the guy in front of me is too stanky, I can cram it down his gullet...?  I am not sure if this falls exactly within the realm of appropriate and/or efficacious Providing of Care but man, if things get really really bad, well...we'd have to figure something out. I will be sure to keep you posted if Trek For Peace ever gets to discover the full potential of the illustrious peppermint flavored Gas-X...

I might be tempted to argue that the third and most important item in my first aid kit is water. One simply won't get too far without it.  Or rather, if one does manage to get too far, one's chances of returning in mint condition are slim to none. Nutrition could as well be considered and auxiliary necessity; if you're reading this, you don't need an explanation.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Friday, November 21, 2014

Chill sun.

Had the honor of running the BBU loop with the unstoppable Scout last weekend. Night occurred a little after Krista's Loop. I guess it is now safe to admit that my mind and maybe my body too were elsewhere, but still it was magic to be back on this now-very-familiar trail. One very important thing I learned on this run is that unicorns may actually use their horns as headlamps. Also I have decided that my Restorative Place mentioned in the previous report shall be universal, available to restore whoever needs restoring. Just in case there was any question. Which I hope there wasn't. I would love to do this loop at night again sometime when I am feeling for more energetic...

Scout ran over 40 miles that day and was so, so strong the entire time. Squirrel had been pacing and crewing and then even hung out, meeting us as the end in the dark. Trail Monsters just simply rock.

Couple weeks prior, there was a big little snowstorm here! It sort of awkwardly barged in with a whole mess of wind. Unconvinced by this grand show of magnipotence, I just stared out at it for most of the day. Finally in the afternoon I went out for about three miles of Arctic fucking insanity. First screw shoes of the season: check!

Today I ran with Dr.B at Pineland in the windy chilly morning. Twas a similar adventure to our first run together several weeks ago, in which she did her longest ever (13.3 miles) and I did my fastest ever half-marathon distance. (Thanks for pointing that out , Strava...!) She is naturally faster than me by a lot, so that means an automatic tempo run for me. It is truly great to have her company after what seems like a lot of long, lonesome Pinelands lately! We are lucky to have such a place, a place where we are less likely to get shot at at this time of year. Plus I finally know my way around a bit better.

Today Dr. B and I followed the WRONG WAY signs all day but it seemed like the right thing to do. And I accidentally ran my fastest 10 miles. Never would have guessed it while running -- yes, I was puffing and huffing, indeed, but maybe I was so rested I think from not running all week that it didn't seem hard -- but it is the word of Strava. (Amen.)

Curled up in the Cafe afterward with my shiny new Medical Biochem book. I snoozed off and on between the deminating and catabolizing and valine and binding and gene expression. I really love all the words. I love the moments where, even if true comprehension is painfully low, I know or can figure out what they're talking about, largely due to shit I've managed to learn over my past year and a half of pre-med courses. I'm not sure where this is all heading but at this moment, things are....good, I think. Yes. They are good.

Not sure where I'm headed, runningwise, right now, either. The words "off season" mean nothing to me. I love my Trail Monster family and friends very much but I am frustrated that I've been unsuccessful for years now in finding anyone local to run with, not even once in a while. I am sure it's because I am not trying very hard. #weaksauce #whiner #suckitup #enviroscum   But I suppose I choose to live in a place where, in spite of great trails, people just don't get out and do these things. It is a wonderful place, in other ways...

What am I looking forward to? Pacing in Vermont again. Climbing more mountains! The unknown.

Thursday, November 20, 2014


"History is full of explorer adventurers who have pushed the limits of knowledge, in their day, while also testing themselves against the unknown. This is not an elite club that the rest of us can only read about. Anyone can pursue adventure if the interest is there." - Chris Pruchnic (February 27, 1968 - November 20, 2010)